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Why choose Spanish Por Favor?

Spanish Por Favor, the Spanish division of Think Abroad, is a leader in providing customized language travel programs in Latin America and Spain. Whatever your language travel needs may be, we have a Spanish immersion program for you.  Spanish Por Favor - the smartest way to learn Spanish!

What we do is evaluate and select the very best international Spanish Language Schools. It is our policy to personally visit each of our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools (ASLS). All of our ASLS's offer internships, work, and volunteer opportunities, cultural tours and excursions as well as other services to enhance your language travel experience.

In addition to a comprehensive tour of all campus facilities and in-depth interviews of key faculty and staff, Spanish Por Favor actually attends classes at our ASLS to ensure that our elevated standards are upheld. A formal review and evaluation of all homestay accommodations is also preformed.

Learning Spanish with Spanish Por Favor requires more than superior educational and institutional facilities. We believe that experiencing a new culture is equally as vital to language acquisition. To help make sure you have a well-rounded cultural experience, Spanish Por Favor thoroughly evaluates the surrounding neighborhoods, local attractions, and supplementary opportunities unique to each location. You can view slide shows of all of our Spanish immersion programs in Latin American and Spain.

we do all the work for you!

You will save time and money by allowing SPF to customize a language travel experience that meets your needs, personality, preferences, and budget. Whatever your language travel needs might be SPF has the perfect immersion experience for you! We have Spanish immersion programs in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

why learn Spanish?

The growth of the necessity to speak Spanish is the United States is inescapable.  We are in an era of globalization, multiculturalism, and fierce competition for jobs. There are currently over 40 million Hispanic, Spanish-speaking residents in the U.S.(1). Moreover, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2050 there will be over 100 million Hispanic, Spanish-speaking residents in the U.S.(2).

Do you have what it takes to learn Spanish? We think you do and also believe that immersion education is, by far, the smartest way to do it!

why immersion education?

"A recent study in the U.S. concluded that people who studied Spanish abroad were found to have made greater gains in oral proficiency and in several aspects of oral fluency compared to those who studied at their home university".

(Collentine & Freed, 2004)

There is no better way to learn a foreign language than by total immersion education.  You have constant contact with native speakers and are constantly immersed in authentic social contexts.  You will arrive as novice tourist and become an seasoned explorer who truly acquires, through active participation, an authentic view of another culture. Total immersion education is by far the most effective and fastest way to learn a foreign language! We believe that intercultural education through study abroad experiences and foreign language acquisition will enrich our society and enlighten those who participate. Conversely, we think that people who do not possess the skill and sensitivity to interact and coexist with people from other cultures and backgrounds are at a disadvantage.

We believe that studying abroad and being multilingual will enhance and enlighten your life by promoting new ways of thinking and living.  In addition to learning Spanish, you will have the time and opportunity to explore the country, develop meaningful relationships with the native people and learn more about their culture.

International education and foreign language acquisition can enhance cross-cultural communication and awareness, facilitate personal growth, improve critical and abstract thinking, increase marketability for future endeavors, and lead to a far greater understanding of societies in other parts of the world.

Take advantage of this unique learning opportunity. It does not matter if you are studying abroad for the first time or are a complete novice Spanish speaker. The time is now!  SPF has the perfect Spanish immersion program in Latin America or Spain to meet your specific needs.

Enroll now by filling out our on-line application or contact us so we can help you to customize a language travel experience that meets your personality, needs, preferences and budget.

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customized Spanish immersion programs - learn Spanish now - Spanish language travel programs abroad

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