A Typical Day

8:15-10:00 Grammar Class
10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-12:00 Conversation Class
1:15-3:00 Intensive Spanish Class



Students siting at table

You can wake up as early as you want and go for a run, a walk, or finish your homework before breakfast. You will have your own bedroom, unless you requested a shared room. The typical breakfast is tea or coffee, fresh fruit, toast/bread and eggs. Buen provecho! If you are still hungry, kindly ask your host family for more to eat.

You might have a tinge of homework, make sure you get it done or else you may get a detention. Just kidding.

However, the more effort you put into this Spanish immersion program, the more you will get out. Your goal should be functional fluency at the minimum!

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Students in the lounge
Studying + speaking + fearlessness = Functional Fluency.

The first class of the day is Spanish grammar, which starts at 8:15 and finishes at 10:00. This is when and where you will learn the “nuts and bolts” and the structure of the Spanish language.

Our ASLS guarantees the class sizes to be no more than 10 students, which meets Spanish Por Favor's quality assurance guidelines.

You will study from the schools Spanish grammar book and complete each lession.  The lessions will entail: oral expression, listening comprehension, group discussion, question, and answer sessions.

These activities will enhance your Spanish comprehension and keep you interested and motivated. You will be learning Spanish in a fun and stimulating way!


From 10:00 to 10:15 you will have a break. This is your time to make a phone call or two, use the Internet, have a coffee and cookies, and/or mingle with your fellow classmates, who, by the way, come from all over the world. You may make life long friends while studying abroad.

Remember, during break time, no speaking English, Italian, German, or Portuguese or what ever native language you speak, you are here to learn Spanish. Trust me, you will thank me when you start feeling confident in your Spanish language skills.

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Picture of students smiling
You are not just learning Spanish, you are living it!

Conversation class starts at 10:15 and ends at 12:00. This is when and where you will really start applying the Spanish language in authentic social contexts.

Conversation class may be held in the traditional classroom setting, but if you want, it can take place out in "the real world" (marketplace, public transportation, beach, park, theater, museums, concerts, library - anywhere).

The afternoon can be spent any way you choose. Lunch is not included in the homestay package. However, dinner is, and it is usually served at 5 or 6. Please check in with your host family to know their specific dinner-time because they are required to make breakfast and dinner for their students. Out of respect, please let the family know if you do not plan to attend a meal.

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Students laughing

For the adventuresome individual or people with time constraints, the Intensive Spanish Language Course starts at 1:15 and ends at 3:00.

The Intensive Spanish is for people who have time constraints and/or people who desire more structured time learning Spanish.

This class can be one-on-one, you and the Spanish teacher, or can be taken with other students in a group setting. Remember, no more than six students per class, a quality guarantee for the students.

Spanish Por Favor only selects Spanish Language Schools whose primary focus is giving the student quality attention. Nevertheless, in the Intensive Spanish Language Course you are able to customize your learning experience. There may be a topic that you want to focus on, or practice conjugating verbs in the past tense: anything you desire, this is your time to address it and master it!

After you finish classes you can take time and explore and travel in the city or country. Please, go explore the city, go on a day excursion, go to a museum, go see a movie in Spanish, take public transportation, get lost and find your way back home. This is your time to live Spanish. Make the most of it!

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The Time is now!


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