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Waterfall in Costa Rica
Tabacon Hot Spring - Pura Vida!

Hundreds of people from around the world have come to Costa Ricato learn Spanish through total immersion education. Our ASLS have incredible staff and excursion programs. So, get ready to experience and explore Costa Rica.

We all know that learning a language is not easy, but there are proven ways to enhance and improve your Spanish language proficiency. One way is through active participation in cultural immersion activities. Another way is by interacting with the native people. You can participate in both and explore this country by taking day or weekend cultural excursions!

Below is an real-life example of some cultural activities and sites to see while in Costa Rica. Please let us know in your application if you are interested in seeing or doing something while in costa rica.




FIRST WEEK - Costa Rica Adventure Tour


Monday: City Tour Tour - includes transportation and tour guide.

Tuesday: Lankester Gardens and Orosi Valley Tour - includes transportation, tour guide and lunch.

Thursday: Poas Volcano Tour - includes transportation, entrance, tour guide and lunch.





SECOND WEEK - Costa-Rica-Adventures Tour

Monday: Sarchi Ox Cart Factory Tour- includes transportation, tour guide and entrance.

Tuesday: Volcano Irazu National Park Tour - includes transportation, tour guide, entrance and lunch.

Thursday: Coffee Plantation Tour - includes transportation, tour guide and lunch.

THIRD WEEK - Costa-Rica-Adventures Tour

Monday: Sarapiquí River Tour - includes transportation, tour guide and lunch.

Wednesday evening: Mirador Ram Luna - restaurant with typical costarican food, typical dancing, fireworks, and includes transportation, food, and all national drinks.

Thursday: Braulio Carrillo National Park & Arial Tram Tour - includes transportation, arial tram ride, tour guide, entrance, breakfast in the bus and lunch.

FOURTH WEEK - Costa-Rica-Adventures Tour

Monday: San Gerardo de Dota - Rain Forest - Tour - includes transportation, tour guide and lunch.

Tuesday: The Aviary Zoo Tour - includes transportation, tour guide, entrance and lunch.

* These prices are subject to change. Please contact us for exact price.

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Description of each Destination on the "Tour"



Departure from IPEE and visit the House of Ex-President Oscar Arias S., (holder of the Nobel Price of Peace) - Metropolitan Park La Sabana - Monument to León Cortés - Paseo Colon - La Catedral - Cartago, Central Park - Metropolitan Cathedral - Theater Melico Salazar, National Theater - Ministery of Foreign Relations - Parque España - Barrio Amon - Jade Museum. Return to IPEE.

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7 kilometers east to the city of Cartago is Lankester Gardens, which run by the School of Biology at the University of Costa Rica.

Charles Lankester was an english botanist who collected local flora, bromelias and orchids and his goal was to protect various species. Today, his collection can be admired at this beautiful garden. There are 800 species of orchids that flower all year long. This is a must stop destination to all of the plant lovers!

On the way to the gardens we will visit the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles, which is located in the city of Cartago (the former capital of Costa Rica).



Poas Volcan in Costa Rica
Poas Volcan - Yes it is still active!

Poas Volcano, 2,708 meters above sea level, is one of the most spectacular sites in the country. This park protects various types of forest, which contain abundant epiphytes and parasitic plants that you can find growing on various tree trunks.

The Poas crater is an enormous, gaping hole, one kilometer in diameter and 314 meters deep. At the bottom, there is a circular hot lake. The long-extinct von Frantzius composite cone is at the north of the active crater. Another named Botos is to the southwest. It was the active center until 7,500 years ago and now contains an astonishingly beautiful cold water lake some 400 meters in diameter.

The park presents four major habitats on the area of arrayans, a stunted forest, a cloud forest and areas with little or no vegetation.

Small animal life is scarce, although birds abound. Some of the 79 species observed include the black guam, respalndecent quetzal, green toucan and flame-throated warbler. On the way to the volcano we will pass by picturesque little towns.

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Ox Cart in Costa Rica
Famous Ox Cart Artwork and Design.

On the way to Sarchi you will be passing many picturesque towns. In Sarchi, home of the ox cart factories, you can see the artisans painting the oxcarts by hand.

Here you can see the houses beautiful decorated with the ornamentation used on the oxcarts. One can purchase souvenirs and furniture of a very good quality and take picture of this beautiful artistry.

On the way back, a stop will be made at the town of Grecia to take a look at a very unusual church .




Irazu is an active volcano. It skies 3,432 meters above sea level, with a long history of eruptions and eruptive cycles. This activity has been characterized by the emission of large clouds of steam, ash and cinders, often accompanied by small local or regional earth tremors, subterranean noises and rumblings, and showers of small and large rocks which usually fall near the rim of the crater.

The flora has underground considerable changes because of the eruptions. At present, areas of open and stunted vegetation can be seen around the craters while elsewhere, areas with secondary forest and the remains of primary forest predominate. Common species found within the vicinity of the craters are arrayan.

On the way to the Irazu volcano, visit the Basilica de Los Angeles, home of Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles, located at the formers capital of Costa Rica, Cartago.

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Fresh coffee beans
Costa Rican Coffee Beans!

Departure South on one of the most spectacular roads in the country, the . Interamerican Highway.

This tour passes by picturesque and colorful towns. Most of them surrounded by coffee and fruit plantations. Some of the towns are Santa Maria de Dota, San Marcos de Tarrazu, San Pablo de Léon Cortes, Frailes, Tarbaca and Aserri.

Once in the town of Dota, one can take a tour of a local coffee plantation.




Departure to the county of Paraiso, located at the Eastern Central Valley, 8 kms. southwest of the city of Cartago. Then 6 kms. South along a road that descends between hills, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, in the panoramic Orosi Valley. It is also a rich agricultural area covered with coffee, sugar cane and chayote plantations.

Among the many attractions of this scenic valley are El Velo de La Novia Waterfall, the hydroelectric Cachi Dam, built by the Costarican Institute for Electricity, Charrara lake site, a recreation area with swimming pools and the ruins of a church built 1681 - 1693. The lookouts on the road affords a splendid view of the scenic beauty of the valley. The valley is drained by the famous Reventazon River, that runs to the Caribbean sea.

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Otra vez, una mariposa !

Located in La Guacima de Alajuela, an old farmer town 40 minutes west of San José, is the scene for the enchanting one and half hour guided tour which discusses these fascinating creatures.

The garden features a variety of habitats which are preferred by the butterflies that are bared on the farm. These range from open areas covered with flower beds, the desired habitat for butterflies such as Monarch, to denser forested areas populated by the famous Blue Morpho. It is here where the adult butterflies can be seen flying, feeding, mating and laying eggs.

Other intriguing features to be noted are the butterflies territorial practices and defenses such as mimicy and camouflage. Beyond the garden is the caterpillar breeding area, the heart of the farm's production facilities and home of hundreds of caterpillars and chrysalids. One can see the different stages through which help ward off predators. Many of the chrysalides are also displayed for observation.

The Butterfly Farm is dedicated to the breeding of butterfly species with a commitment to responsible wildlife management.



Costa Rican forest
Take a Nature walk in one of the many National Parks in Costa Rica.

The park is located in one of the most rugged land spaces of the country. Almost the entire region is formed by high mountains densely covered with forest and countless rivers.

The vegetation of the park consists of a densely packed evergreen forest with a wide variety of flowers. This type of forest is constantly changing with environmental conditions. The tallest trees and most of the species are found in the lowest regions.
In the high, broken areas, the trees are shorter and deformed and the species count is reduced. Most of the park is covered by a primary forest in which some 6,000 species of plants thrive.

Mammals found in this park include the howler, spider and white-faced monkey, tapir, jaguar, puma, ocelot, paca, and white-tailed deer. As to birds, 347 species have been spotted, including the resplendent quetstal. Frogs and toads are very abundant in the park. One of the reptiles inhabiting this area is the bushmaster, the largest poisonous snake on the continent.

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The Aviary Zoo is located 9 kilometers west of the city of Alajuela. It has over 480 exotic and native birds on display, the most spectacular being the scarlet macaws, king vultures, geese, herons, crested guans, toucans and swans.

Also see animals such as spider monkeys, crocodiles and endangered land turtles. The aviary is located in a world famous region that enjoys a mild climate and is dotted with recreation areas.


Can you spot the bird?






Departure from IPEE, Costa Rica at noon and return at around midnight.

Package includes: - Transportation IPEE / Arenal / IPEE - Visit Tabacon, hot water springs (entrance included) - Visit lookout point of Arenal Volcano - Lunch (in the bus) and dinner.



Package includes: - Transportation IPEE / Tortuguero / IPEE - Boat tour on the Parismina river - Tortuguero Canal tour - Breakfast and lunch - Tour guide.



White-water rafting in Costa Rica
Paddle hard! Don't miss Los Rapidos de El Pacuare River.

This is a must do Costa-Rica-Adventures tour. Includes: - Transportation - Breakfast and lunch - All gear and rafting guide.

*All prices are subject to change. Please inquire once you arrive at IPEE, Costa Rica.

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Package includes: - Round trip transportation - 1 night accommodation - All meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner) - Navigating the Tortuguero canals to reach the National - Park to observe turtles laying eggs.



Package includes: - Transportation IPEE / Arenal / IPEE - Visit Tabacon, hot water springs . Visit lookout point of Arenal Volcano. Horseback ride - All meals included (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner) - All entrance fees.


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Package includes: - Transportation - 1 night accommodation at Best Western hotel in Punta Cocles - All meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner) - Visit of the National Park Cahuita & Punta Uva - Optional: scuba diving and snorkeling (not included).



Package includes: - Transportation - 1 night at Best Western hotel in Jacó - All meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner).

*All prices are subject to change. Please inquire once you arrive at IPEE, Costa Rica.

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This is a popular travel destination and is at the top of the list of our Costa-Rica-Adventures Tours itinerary.

Departure from IPEE on Friday at noon.

Package includes: - Round trip transportation - 2 nights at California hotel - All meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners) - All entrance fees



Package includes: - Round trip transportation - two nights accommodation - All meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners) - Ferry tickets.


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Package includes: - Round trip transportation - 2 nights accommodation - All meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners) - Kayaking, mountain-bike and fishing-rod - Surfing.

*All prices are subject to change. Please inquire once you arrive at IPEE, Costa Rica.

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