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The Time is NOW!

We have made earning college credit easy, but you must not wait until the last minute to complete the tasks required.

Spanish Por Favor has helped many college students earn academic credit. Please read on to understand what you have to do to earn college credit.

College credit is available for all of our Spanish language immersion programs through our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. The for-credit route has been taken by many students and is consistent with United States standards of college-level academic work.

After completion of the Spanish language studies, all students will receive a certificate of completion and the graded transcripts will be sent to their home University.

The Affiliate Spanish Language Schools graded transcript is officially signed and stamped by the school Director and includes the course dates, attendance percentage, level (s) approved and grades.



The right to grant academic credit always rests with a student’s home university and it is the students’ responsibility to complete the academic approval process at their home university and get everything taken care of before starting their Spanish language studies through Spanish Por Favor. Below are the two options student have to earn acedemic credit.



The Pre-Approval Route: This option is when the student contacts his or her study abroad or academic advisor and provides him or her with documentation ( i.e. course descriptions, Affiliate Spanish Language Institution brochure, health care information, participating University contact information, and course syllabi) required for the course acceptance.

It is important that the student receive signed, as opposed to verbal, pre-approval from their home institution.

Once the Spanish program is approved, you will receive full academic credit for your Spanish language studies.


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This option is when the student receives college credit through one of our U.S. Affiliate Universities. These universities have agreed to give Spanish Por Favor students Spanish language credit, even if they are not enrolled in their University.

After you complete you Spanish language studies the pre-approved U.S. Affiliate University, will transfer the credits you have earned to your home university. The amount of credit earned will be directly related to your grades, attendance, course dates and final language level. Usually 1 credit hour is granted for each 15-20 hours of classroom time.

If you choose this option, you will have to pay certain fees to the U.S. Affiliate University as well as the regular ASLS.


The staff at Spanish Por Favor has a wealth of experience with the course approval process and has helped students earn academic credit at multiple institutions. We are here to help you and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding the course approval process.

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