Dear Potential Students:

Owner of IPEE Spanish Language School
Nuria Padilla - IPEE Owner / Director

I am the Director and owner of the Instituto Professional de Espanol para Extranjero (IPPE). I am writing this letter to give you the name of our affiliate hospital and doctor that would be utilized if any of our students needed medical attention. Fortunately, in the eleven years of IPEEs existence, we have only had one student need medical attention, which was not serious.

Below I have listed the name, address, Web site, and telephone and fax numbers of the affiliate hospital we would utilize if one of our students needed medical attention. In addition, I have included the name of an attending doctor who works at our affiliate hospital and would be summoned if needed.


Affiliate Hospital:
Clinica Biblica

Affiliate Physician:
Dr. Maurice Le Grant

Telephone and Fax:
tel. 011.506.522.1000
fax. 011.506.522.0645

Calle central y primera, Avenidas 14 16Apartado 1307-1000 San José, Costa Rica

Web site:


Nuria Padilla
IPEE Director/Owner

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