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Study & learn Spanish in barcelona, Spain

Students who want to study Spanish in Barcelona, Spain are sure to have much to do and see in this incredibly cosmopolitan and diverse city. Students who choose to study Spanish in Barcelona at our Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS) will not only study Spanish at a world-class institution, but will be living in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. People of all ages and backgrounds can study Spanish in Barcelona or at any 5one of our other ASLS.

You can be confident in our selection of our ASLS. It is our policy to personally visit and evaluate each school we represent. In addition to a comprehensive tour of all campus facilities and in-depth interviews of key faculty and staff, we actually take the classes offered to ensure that the company's elevated standards are upheld. A formal review and evaluation of all homestay accommodations is also undertaken. Relax, we do the work for you!

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The Affiliate Spanish Language School in Barcelona, Spain.

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School History

Learn Spanish in Barcelona!

Our Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS) in Barcelona was founded in 1972. The school is accredited by the Insituto Cervantes and has obtained the CEELE seal of quality, issued by Alcala de Henares University.

In 2008, the school will become a full member of EAQUALS - the highly prestigious European Association of Quality Language Schools. In addition, they have been featured in Lonely Planet, Time Out and Rough Guides.

Don't just learn Spanish...Live it!

Since it’s inception, it has grown into a major centre for language teaching, teacher training, study tours and other cultural activities. In addition to teaching Spanish to foreigners, our ASLS in Barcelona has around 2000 local people studying English, German, French and Chinese in the school.

With that said, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet native Spanish-speakers, make friends and improve your Spanish language skills outside the classroom, at social event and around the school.

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School Location & climate

Go with Spanish Por Favor!

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. It has a huge number of attractions including a city centre (which retains its medieval street plan), some stunning modernist architecture (including several buildings by Gaudi, Spain’s most famous architect), and dozens of museums (including one dedicated to Picasso, another to Miro and yet another to Barcelona's world-famous football club, FC Barcelona).

Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain!

The city enjoys an almost perfect climate, making it an ideal place to be at any time of the year. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. January and February are the coldest months, averaging temperatures of 10 °C (50 °F).

Snowfalls are so rare that they are remembered as special events. July and August are the hottest months, averaging temperatures of 30 °C (86 °F). Barcelona even has its own sandy beaches, which are less than fifteen minutes away from the school.

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The School

Spanish immersion program in Barcelona!

The school occupies six floors of a large corner building, which has a distinctive, triangular shape (somewhat similar to the famous Flat Iron building in New York City). The facade and interior of the school are fantastically charming.

The building dates back to the beginning of the last century and has many attractive features: a very decorative street entrance, high ceilings throughout, hardwood floors, wood trim, a lot of natural light and a marble staircase.

The school’s facilities include:

- 40 air-conditioned classrooms, all with natural light;

- An ‘electronic classroom’ with high-speed Internet access.

- A bar, which is open all day providing hot and cold food as well as drinks.

- A terrace where students can relax in the sunshine and bathroom facilities for students with mobility challenges on floor 2.

- A library that contains a huge number of books, worksheets, magazines, tapes, videos and DVDs which students can work with and borrow. The library also provides a quiet environment for students, whether before or after their class.

At the beginning of each Spanish immersion program students receive a formal and informative orientation. Students are presented with tourist maps and information to help them find their way around the city.

Stundent at desk.

In addition, students receive a Students’ Manual, which, apart from introducing them to the school and explaining how the courses are organized, provides them with information on restaurants and bars, local transport, nightlife, museums and other cultural attractions.

As well, students will receive a school discount card that can be used locally at different bars, restaurants, discos, flamenco schools and more. On break, students can access the school cafeteria. You can purchase hot and cold food all day long. This is a perfect place to chat and meet fellow students.

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Spanish Por Favor!

The ASLS in Barcelona offers WiFi Internet access anywhere on the premises for all students!

In addition to WiFi, there is a computer room with fifteen computers on the second floor where students have high-speed Internet access. This computer room is also used by teachers and students for language learning activities.

A typical activity could involve searching Spanish Websites for information necessary to complete a specific task.

There are also several Internet cafes near the school offering Internet access for as little a 1.50 euros per hour.

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Cultural and Social Learning Activities

Salvador Dali Rocks!

Our ASLS in Barcelona has incredibly diverse offerings of social and cultural programs for all students. For example, on Fridays from 7:00 p.m. to around 9:00 p.m., they organize a special Friday Club with activities designed to help foreigners who came to learn Spanish get to know students from Spain. The event includes quizzes, games, parties and celebration of local or national events - and the bar also offers specialty Friday Club prices.

The social program changes every two weeks so that students staying for longer than two weeks will not have to repeat specific activities (all students will receive a copy of this schedule on the first day of class during orientation). Full day and weekend excursions outside of Barcelona can be arranged at the school as well.

A typical two-week social program might read as follows:

Nou Camp

Week 1: Monday: welcome cocktail party; Tuesday: Guided tour of the Gothic Quarter; Wednesday: Visit to Guadi’ Sagrada Familia; Thursday: Visit to the Picasso Museum; Saturday: Full-day excursion to the Costa Brava, Figures and Dali Museum.

Week 2: Tuesday: Visit to barcelona City Museum; Wednesday: Guided tour of the Ribera district Thursday: Visit to Gaudi’s Parc Guell; Friday: Friday Club. Trust us, you will not have a problem finding things to do outside of class at our ASLS in Barcelona.

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Course Summary

Spanish Por Favor

To be selected as an ASLS, the school must offer classes that primarily focus on developing the students' communicative skills. The summary of the syllabus is separated into four phases.

Included in all courses: all course material, social and cultural activities of approximately, which total anywhere from 2 to 10 hours a week. Also students have access to all the school facilities (computers, care, library, etc).

All classes start on every Monday of the year, except holidays. Students who are sixteen years-old is the minimum student age to enroll. The average group class size is 7 and the maximum number per class in 10 students. Students can enroll for as many weeks as they like; however, students with no previous knowledge of Spanish must start on specific dates. Please click here for official start dates.

Phase one (beginners, Pre-Elementary, Elementary) is where the students develops basic skills in Spanish grammar, including gender and number nouns, adjectives formation, adverbs, adverbial phrases, comparative and superlative, prepositions and the use of ser and estar.

The second phase (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Post-Intermediate) is where students develop an increasingly accurate use of Spanish grammar. Phase three (Pre-Advanced, Advanced) provides the student with an opportunity to hone their command of Spanish grammar, to develop fluency and to improve pronunciation. Phase four (Post-Advanced, Proficiency) is the most advanced grammar and conversation course offered and the most individualized.

The Intensive Group Course (4-hours per day, Monday thru Friday, 20-hours per week). This course normally take place from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., with a twenty-minute break taken halfway through the morning. The school takes beginners up to advanced native Spanish-speakers. The average class size is seven to eight students and the maximum number is ten students per group class. The school reports that 90% of all of its enrolled students take this course and that during the high season (July-August) this course may take place in the afternoon hours between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. For these students, the social/cultural excursions will take place in the mornings.

Private, one-on-one course: This courses consist of 1, 2, 3, or more hours of individual tuition per day. Students can be complete beginners or advance, it does not matter with the private, one-on-one course option. This program can be customized to meet your specific language needs.

Students can either study entirely in this way, or, if they prefer, combine an Intensive Group course in the mornings with 1, 2 or more hours of Private courses in the afternoons. Also, if you want to take semi-private classes with a friend or family member, this can be arranged as well. For semi-private classes (one teacher and two students) there is a 20% increase from the private course per hour cost.

Students in classrom learning Spanish!

There are also SPECIALTY COURSES for all students. Below is a list of courses and a brief description of each.

Intensive Group Plus: The students can combine a four hour Intensive Group Course in the mornings with an extra 1.5 hours of conversation practice (Private) each afternoon from Tuesday to Friday, giving a total of 26-hours of classes each week.

Intensive Group and Creative Arts Workshop: A minimum level of Spanish is required to participate. This course is a 1, 2, 3, or 4-week course. It combines an Intensive Group Course in the mornings with a series of three short workshops, each which introduces students to a different set of artistic skills, as used by such world famous Spanish artist as Gaudi and Picasso. These workshops last 1-1.5 hours each, all materials are provided and students are welcome to take any work they produce.

Creative Arts Workshop Themes:

1. Painting and Drawing: You will learn how to paint and draw like Monet! Just kidding, but you will create some cool art. You will use water-colors, charcoal, oil, and acrylics to name a few. Also, you will paint portraits among many other things. All material are included in the price of this course.

2. Pottery: explore different techniques, learn about different clays; glazing at different temperatures; learn how to develop different plates, vases and tiles, etc. Get ready to have fun in the pottery class!

3. Sculpture: Learn how to sculpt like Pablo Picasso... Just kidding, but you will be able to create differ net types of sculptures and learn about different finishes used in the sculpting process. All materials are included in the price of this course.

Spanish classroom

Business Spanish Course: Those interested in this course must have an intermediate level of Spanish proficiency and be at least 18 years-old to enroll. This course can be a stand alone 2 or 4 week course that includes a Business Spanish Exam at the end if desired. One can choose the 4 or 6 hours per day Business Course.

So what is this course about you may be asking. Well, for those who need to use Spanish in the workplace, this course was designed for you! You can be any type of professional: law, medicine, finance, education, etc. After taking this course you will be competent in many aspects of the Spanish language and culture related to business. For starters, you will practice speaking Spanish the following areas: participating in meetings; using the telephone for business; negotiating and selling; making presentations; and much more. Additionally, students will learn specific business vocabulary and discuss cultural themes that may arise while doing business in Spain and/or other Spanish speaking countries.

40-hour Business Spanish course: €470 (2-week course)
60-hour Business Spanish course: €705 (2-week course)

February 22
July 12
November 15

Business Exam: The exam is organized by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the University of Alcalá. The exams are not obligatory, but students taking the six-hour a day course should expect a significant amount of classroom time to be spent on activities designed to help them prepare for these exams.

The exam is available at two levels, Certificado Básico, and Certificado Superior. The lower of the two levels (Básico) recognizes that students have a basic competence in Business Spanish which should allow them to perform routine tasks in a Business context. The second level (Superior) recognizes a more advanced level of competence and familiarity with the technical language used in the Business world.

The exams are held in the school on the Friday at the end of the course. Exam fee: 165 (subject to change)

50 +: These 2-week courses are designed for students over the age of 50 who prefer to study and socialize with people of their own age. The course consists of 3 hours a day of Spanish classes. Classes are given in groups with an average of six students (maximum ten) and all levels are available, including complete beginners. Students who choose to take this course can also enroll in the Creative Arts Workshop course as well.

Please inquire with us for dates.


Week 1
Monday: Welcome cocktail and introductory city tour
Tuesday: Guided tour of the Gothic Quarter
Wednesday: Visit to the City of Barcelona Museum
Thursday: Visit to Gaudí's Sagrada Familia
Friday: Evening visit to a flamenco show
Saturday: Full-day excursion to the Costa Brava and Dalí museum
Sunday: Free day

Week 2
Monday: Guided tour of Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation
Tuesday: Visit to Gaudí's Park Güell
Wednesday: Visit to the Picasso Museum
Thursday: Evening visit to the theatre or cinema
Friday: Lunch at a local restaurant

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Learn Spanish in Barcelona.

All of the teachers at the ASLS in Barcelona hold university degrees and they have successfully completed a rigorous training course that prepares them to teach Spanish to foreigners. Some teachers hold Masters degrees as well.

The school holds regular in-service training courses and seminars, which are held in the school. These training sessions, combined with frequent visits to and from other schools, help to ensure that the teachers maintain a high standard of excellence and teaching proficiency. It is known that the teachers regularly take part in piloting and developing new teaching materials and methods. Many of them have presented their work at conferences, contributed to publications, and written successful Spanish course books.

You can rest assured that you will receive motivated, professional, and experienced teachers at all of our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. This is top priority for us. We only select the best language schools that employ creative and qualified teachers.

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The students who wrote testimonials have agreed to share their experiences with anyone who is interested. However, their email addresses will only be shared upon written request.

Khédija from France.

- " L'école est une très bonne.. J'ai beaucoup appris avec eux, j'aime énormément leur façon de travailler, c'est une manière d'apprendre très vite la langue tout en s'amusant. Pour une fois dans ma vie j'ai aimer aller en classe. Je conseille cette expérience à tout le monde.

Parfois ça me manque de ne pas y retourner mais bon c'est comme ça. Je ne sais plus trop quoi vous dire de plus,à force de parler l'español tout les jours j'oublie même ma langue maternelle. Je voulais vous demander aussi si il existe la même école pour l'anglais car si oui je serai très intéressée".

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Additional Information

Live Spanish in Barcelona!

Conversation Exchange: One of the advantages of studying Spanish at IH Barcelona is that it is really easy to meet Spanish people without leaving the building. They have more than 2,000 Spanish people studying English and other languages in the school every year and many of them are really keen to meet students from other countries and practice their language skills.

Students who attend the ASLS in Barcelona come from all over the world. The majority of them are European, although there are always some Americans studying. The school provides Spanish tuition for students from a number of American organizations who organize study-abroad programs in Barcelona. So, college students who want to earn academic credit can earn it by taking classes here.

There are always a number of students from Asia studying at the school as well (especially Japanese) and there are also Brazilians who come all the way to Barcelona to take courses in Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona!

The school reports that the average age of the students is 24 to 28, although often there are students as young as 17 and as old as 75.

The majority of the students are young, professional people who need Spanish to develop their careers. However, a large proportion of students are still full-time students in their own countries and an increasing number of people are simply learning Spanish as a hobby.

The school guarantees no more than 10-students per class; however, the average group class size is about 5-7 students. After you have completed your Spanish immersion experience, you will be asked to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire to critique your teachers, homestay family and overall classroom experience.

Please seriously consider the ASLS in Barcelona. Their school, programs and services are excellent and you are sure to have the time of your life!

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Below please contact us if you are a beginner and we can let you know the start dates in 2012.


Prior to departure, students must pay a $99 enrollment fee and a deposit, which is a percentage of the total program cost to reserve their seat. All homestay accommodations (to live with a native family) start on Sundays and end on Saturdays. The airport pickup service is optional, but highly recommended.