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study and learn Spanish in Samara, costa rica

People of all ages and backgrounds can study and learn Spanish abroad in Samara, Costa Rica. This is one of the many Spanish immersion programs offered by Spanish Por Favor, the Spanish division of Think Abroar. Samara is one of the most relaxed and friendly beach towns of Costa Rica. Students who want to study and learn Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica or other beach towns should contact us to learn more about all of our Spanish immersion programs in Costa Rica.

The school’s beach-front location makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a laid-back atmosphere in which to acquire a new language. Nearby restaurants and open air café-bars provide ample places to relax and chat with friends, drink coffee or try the delicious local fresh fruit shakes. The Affiliate Spanish Language School in Samara, Costa Rica attracts students of all ages and from around the world!

You can be confident in our selection of our ASLS. It is our policy to personally visit and evaluate each school we represent. In addition to a comprehensive tour of all campus facilities and in-depth interviews of key faculty and staff, we actually take the classes offered to ensure that the company's elevated standards are upheld. A formal review and evaluation of all homestay accommodations is also undertaken. Relax, we do the work for you!

*Please contact us with any questions.

Learn Spanish at our Affiliate Spanish Language School in Sámara Beach, Costa Rica.

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School History

Learn Spanish in Playa Samara, Costa Rica!

Our Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS) in Sámara opened its doors to foreigners interested in learning Spanish in 2004. The school is known for its commitment to improving the local infrastructure, educational system, and environment through active participation and community outreach. Last year, over two hundred students from around the world studied Spanish through immersion education here.

Learn Spanish in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.

The Executive Director states that, “Though a private enterprise, the majority of our profits are reinvested into academic and professional development for our staff, improvement of student facilities, and expansion of our community and cultural activities. A significant portion of these profits go to local causes and social development organizations, and to the funding of our local student scholarship fund”.

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School Location

Learn Spanish in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.

The school is located in Sámara, Costa Rica. Sámara boasts 5 km of white sand, lined with palm tress, in a protected coral reef bay. The beach is known as one of the most beautiful and clean in all of Costa Rica.

In this quaint, but charming beach town, locals and foreigners greet each other with smiles as they pass one another on the white sand beach.

The school’s beach-front location makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a laid back atmosphere in which to acquire a new language. Nearby restaurants and open air café-bars provide ample places to relax and chat with friends, drink coffee or try the delicious local fresh fruit shakes.

Study Abroad in Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Students at our ASLS in Sámara will find shops, cafes, restaurants, internet cafes, bars, and nightclubs within walking distance of the school. You can walk to the school everyday, and your homestay family will gladly take and pick you up from the school on your first day of classes.

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The School

Spanish Language School in Samara, Costa Rica

This newly built, vibrantly colored, and spacious facility houses seventeen indoor, air conditioned classrooms and three additional outdoor classrooms.

The school also boasts a kitchen where students can get free coffee and water before class and during breaks; a library, an open air theater, and extensive grounds for various outdoor activities such as barbecues and yoga classes.

Each classroom is equipped with standard audio equipment, whiteboard, and a large communal study space, encouraging didactic activities and easy participation.

Spanish Language School in Samara Beach, Costa Rica!

The grounds are immaculately landscaped and flowers are ubiquitous. Students are assigned to morning or afternoon classes. Monday through Friday, the morning classes are held from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and the afternoon classes are held from 1:15- 5:15. After class, students usually walk over to the beach, which is literally a stones throw away.

Occasionally, teachers take students outside the facilities to hold a conversation hour in the rancho, the tropical gardens, or on the beach under the shade of a palm tree.

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS IN COSTA RICA - "No classes on these dates"

JANUARY: 1st - New Years Day

APRIL: 11th - Juan Santamaría Day (Costa Rica's national hero)

APRIL: 1st-7th - Semana Santa (Easter Week) (Samara Campus)

MAY: 1st - Costa Rican Labor Day

25th - Annexation of Guanacaste

15th - Mother's Day

15th - Costa Rican Independence Day

OCTOBER: 12th - "Día del Encuentro de las Culturas" Indigenous Peoples' Day

DECEMBER: 17th - 30th - Christmas Holiday Closed 2 weeks

START DATES: Any monday of the year, except holidays.

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Learn and Study Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica!

The school offers students free access to the internet while studying at our ASLS in Sámara. There is, however no WiFi connection at the school so students are not encouraged to bring their laptops.

To enhance foreign language acquisition, the school incorporates computer-based learning activities as well as interactive audio-visual learning tools.

For a fee, students can buy international phone cards and make international phone calls or faxes from the school.

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Cultural and Social Learning Activities

Study and learn Spanish abroad in Samara, Costa Rica

The school recommends that students check the notice boards in reception daily for times, sign-up sheets and specific information. Spanish Por Favor and the school encourage all students to participate in as many activities as possible, as you will find they greatly enhance your understanding of, and connection to, the culture.

Four times a week, for free, the school offers Latin Dance classes for all students who wish to participate. You have the opportunity to participate in classes where you will learn salsa, merengue, cumbia and marcado, the most popular dances in Costa Rica.

In addition, our ASLS in Sámara offers Costa Rican cooking classes once a week, yoga classes daily, and weekly movie nights. All of these cultural activities are included in the price of tuition and the school is continuously adding new activities to keep language acquisition fun and exciting.

Day and weekend excursions can be arranged once you arrive and they are all reasonably priced.

Study and learn Spanish abroad in Samara, Costa Rica

*Below are some of the options available to students:

- Tour to Arenal volcano (two nights)
- Tour of Monte Verde (two nights)
- Tour a Ricon de la Vieja (two nights)
- Tour of Montezuma- Isla Tortuga (two nights)
- Tour a Rio Celeste (one night)

Learn Spanish and go Abroad!

- Tour de Cafe Diria (half day)
- Tour a Playa Ostional: para ver tortugas (half day)
- Tour a Cavernas de Barra Honda (one day)
- Tour a Palo verde: para ver aves (one day)
- Tour a Finca de Mariposas (one day)

*Students must sign up for weekend tours by Wednesday of the week in which they wish to partake. There are volunteer opportunities for all students.

To volunteer, you must possess an intermediate level of Spanish language skills.

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Course Summary

Learn and Study Spanish in Samara Beach!

To be selected as an ASLS, the school must offer classes that primarily focus on developing the students' communicative skills. The Executive Director states, “We emphasize student participation, conversational skills and educational activities, within a framework that teaches you not only the necessary grammar, but also how to converse and be understood in real-life situations. Hands-on experience, role-plays, games, music, interviews with locals, and intensive class-work support your language acquisition goals, helping you become quickly familiar with and comfortable in the language”.

Classes are fifty-five minutes long with a ten minute break in between. Students take a total of twenty hours of group classes per week and have the option of taking private one on one classes thereafter at an additional cost (see price list for details).

Learn Spanish in Playa Samara!

The school takes beginners up to advanced native Spanish-speakers. Classes start on every Monday of the year, except holidays, and there is a minimum student age of 18; however, during the summer a teen program in which the minimum age is 13 is offered for three weeks. This program is specifically for teenagers who are interested in improving their Spanish language skills through immersion education.

Students progress through the school’s Spanish language books focusing on communicative skills but still addressing grammar and the structure of the language.

Our ASLS in Sámara has many specialty Spanish courses for people of all ages and backgrounds, such as Spanish for Health Professionals, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Flight Attendants, Artists, Teens, and others.

Study Abroad in Samara, Costa Rica. Learn Spanish

Starting in 2009, our ASLS in Samara, Costa Rica added a specialty Spanish program for all of those surfers out there. This specialty course is called "Spanish and Surf" and has been very popular. Samara, Costa Rica's beaches have been know to have some incredible waves and boast a strong surfer culture for those interested.

Student who enroll in this course will have five surf lessons per week as well and take 20 hours or group Spanish classes on the school campus.

Also, the Spanish and Surf student will have unlimited practice time and board use with instructor and insider tips on the best areas to surf in Samara and surrounding beaches.

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Learn Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica

There are six full-time Spanish language teachers on staff at our ASLS in Sámara, but this number increases during the high season. All of the Spanish language teachers have mostly earned bachelors degrees and some hold Master's degrees in education. All teachers receive ongoing teacher training throughout the year. The Founding Director states, "The teachers have all been certified by our Professional Development Training Program, and regularly participate in ongoing seminars, both in Costa Rican and abroad, in order to remain abreast of current methodology trends and teaching concepts".

Learn and Study Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica!

The teaching staff is multi-lingual, speaking English, French, German, and Italian as well as Spanish. All of the teachers have over two years experience teaching Spanish as a second language and most have over ten years experience. Teachers are rotated weekly, but students can choose to stay with the same teacher. Spanish Por Favor recommends that students change at least once a week to increase their exposure to different teaching styles and teachers.

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Name: Ann P.

The students who wrote testimonials have agreed to share their experiences with anyone who is interested. However, their email addresses will only be shared upon written request.

"You guys made planning the logistics for this trip easy. I appreciated all of your help, professionalism and friendliness. Peter, in the utmost sincerity, you have been a wonderful resource and liaison. I appreciated the check ins. The timing was always good. I felt confident that I would have a wonderful experience bc you were such a helpful and knowledgeable liaison. I felt that you were in tune with my needs--you gave me enough space to have my experience but at the same time checked in at the appropriate times.

I went to Samara, Costa Rica hardly able to speak full sentences. After a week, I could converse with my host family. I took classes for one month. The school is situated right on the beach. It's tempting to want to skip homework and spend the time instead at the beach. However, you can do both. It's not uncommon for students to be studying on the beach. The classes are intensive but it's all about the effort you put into learning especially speaking.

My host family was wonderful and supportive. They only spoke Spanish so I practiced with them everyday. Also, my host family helped me with my homework. I had a close relationship with my host family. I attribute it to their caring nature and my willingness to keep an open mind. A flexible and curious mind-set helped me move pass fear and build wonderful experiences.

The school provides a good balance of social activities. I participated in yoga regularly, tried the cooking classes, and took salsa lessons. All these activities were free, part of tuition. Weekend trips are organized by the school as well. I went to Monteverde/Volcan Arenal, Barra Honda, and Rio Celeste. All trips were amazing, but my favorite was visiting Rio Celeste in Tenorio Park. It's not in most of the guide books, but it's gorgeous. The minerals in the water create a beautiful turquoise laguna and waterfall. We also got a chance to swim, soak and play in the natural hot springs.

Would I return? Resoundingly YES! I would love to see my family again and advance even more in my journey to learn Spanish."


Name: Kiera B .

State and Country: Pennsylvania, USA

"Studying abroad in Playa Samara, Costa Rica was the ideal experience for me. I felt it was the perfect combination of education and leisure. The complete cultural immersion allowed me to improve my language skills in a relaxing and non-threatening environment. The workload given did not at all interfere with extracurricular activities. I went to class everyday for 4 hours and then had the rest of the day free to learn how to surf, make local friends, try the local food, or learn to dance salsa.

I came back feeling refreshed and thrilled with my much-improved grasp of the Spanish language. Overall, I was very satisfied with my Spanish immersion program thru Think Abroad. With the type of work I do, I rarely have the time or energy to plan trips. I felt that Think Abroad made the whole experience extremely easy. I was able to trust the agency to do all the legwork for me so all I had to do was send a check. The communication between Think Abroad and me was extraordinary. The e-mails were promptly responded to so that I always knew exactly what was going on. Contacting Think Abroad by phone was also very easy and I felt everyone was friendly and informative.

I think immersion is the best way to learn a language! I very much enjoyed staying with a family and having to use Spanish practically all day every day".


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Additional Information

Spanish School in Samara, Costa Rica

All students receive an orientation on their first day of classes. After this, students will take a verbal examination to identify their appropriate language level. This test usually takes thirty to forty-five minutes to complete.

The school guarantees no more than 6-students per class however, the average group class size is about 3-5 students. If there is only one student in a particular language level the cost will not change but the student will only have class for three hours instead of four, with the understanding that they will learn more in a one on one setting.

Our school has affiliations with universities in the United States where students can receive credit for classes taken. Spanish language students have the opportunity to interact with English language students studying at our ASLS in Sámara. This is known as “intercambio” and is an additional method to enhance Spanish language skills and also to help native Spanish speakers learn English.

Learn Spanish Abroad in Samara Beach, Costa Rica

You have several options for your transportation to Sámara, which we can help you arrange. Note: For the taxi option, up to 4 students can share the taxi--you may contact us for students arriving at similar times if you prefer to ride-share.

1. Liberia International Airport arrivals:

a) Standard taxi option costs $60 one way, and will take you directly to your homestay in Sámara (1.5 hour drive). Additional passengers, $10 each.

b) Car rentals are available at the airport, and are available for $45 - $100 for a one-day rental with drop off in Sámara.

2. Juan Santamaría International Airport arrivals (San José):

a) Standard taxi option costs $130 one way, and will take you directly to your homestay in Sámara (4 hour drive).

b) Car rentals are available at aairport, and are available for $45-$70 for a one day rental with drop off in Sámara.

3. One night stopover in Heredia/ San José:

Learn & Study Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica!

a) Alternately, we can provide a pre-arranged one night homestay in Heredia/San Jose including airport pickup, pre-paid public bus ticket, and taxi to the bus station the next day, for $85

b) You may stay overnight at a local hotel in Heredia or near the airport (prices range from $30-$80 per night) and catch a bus the next day (see above for bus options).

c) If you prefer not to take the bus, you may fly from San José to Sámara-Carrillo local airport, 7 kms from Sámara Centro, for $75 one way.

After you have completed your Spanish immersion experience, you will be asked to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire to critique your teachers, overall classroom experience, and homestay.

We at Spanish Por Favor are always striving to improve our programs and services and, therefore, will also request that you critique your experience once you return to your home country through our own personalized survey.

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Spanish Language School in Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Prior to departure, students must pay a $99 enrollment fee and a deposit, which is a percentage of the total program cost to reserve their seat. All homestay accommodations (to live with a native family) start on Sundays and end on Saturdays. The airport pickup service is optional, but highly recommended.

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Study & Learn Spanish in Samara, Costa Rica - Spanish School in Samara beach- Study Abroad in Samara, Costa Rica