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If you want to study and learn Spanish in Puerto Rico, you have come to the right place. Students who want to study and learn Spanish in Bayamon, Puerto Rico are sure to have much to do and see in this incredibly beautiful and culturally rich island. Students who choose to study Spanish in Puerto Rico at our Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS) will not only study and learn Spanish at a world-class institution, but will be immersed in island paradise! People of all ages and backgrounds can study and learn Spanish in Bayamon, Puerto Rico or at any one of our other ASLS in Spain or Latin America.

You can be confident in our selection of our ASLS. It is our policy to personally visit and evaluate each school we represent. In addition to a comprehensive tour of all campus facilities and in-depth interviews of key faculty and staff, we actually take the classes offered to ensure that the company's elevated standards are upheld. A formal review and evaluation of all homestay accommodations is also undertaken. Relax, we do the work for you!

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Our Affiliate Spanish Language School in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

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Please contact us for additional information about this program
as it has moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico.


School History

Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico with Spanish Por Favor!

Our Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS) in Bayamón, Puerto Rico was founded in 1998. The school is the first and only private language institution licensed by “Comision Acreditadora de Instituciones Educativas” in Puerto Rico.   Students who study Spanish at our ASLS in Puerto Rico will learn Puerto Rican / Latin American Spanish! Anyone, regardless of you Spanish language skills, can study and learn Spanish in Bayamon, Puerto Rico!

According to the school's mission statement, the school seeks to provide "superior language instruction to help learners identify and achieve their personal and professional goals and develop the skills and confidence required for their success. With our solid, functional, student-centered curriculum, innovative techniques, and a variety of resources we guarantee satisfaction and measurable achievements with immediate practical application towards the learner’s goals.”

Puerto Rico

As reported by the Director, the major nationalities represented throughout the year are the following.
- 60% USA
- 12% Swiss
- 12% UK
- 3%  Japan
- 3% Korea
- 1% Brazil
- 4% other

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School Location

Learn Spanish in Paradise!

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, and is an ideal location to study Spanish.  So, if you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico!

Spanish Por Favor has a Spanish program for You!

Our ASLS in Puerto Rico is located in the historical city of Bayamón, which is a twenty minute drive from the international airport and a short ride to the beach.  Bayamon is just West of San Juan, Puerto Rico (about 12 miles). It is Puerto Rico's second largest city, and is situated in what is considered to be the island's metropolitan area. According to 2005 data, the population of Bayamon is 227,689. This city is know to be the most progressive on the island. There are many universities, colleges and community colleges here. Also, Bayamon has the "Tren Urbano", whcih is the Caribbean's first rapid transit system. This is a must do, while studying and learning Spanish in Puerto Rico.

The economy of the island is the most stable and solid of Latin America. Boasting the highest per capita income in recent years.

Not only does the island offer miles of beautiful beaches, mountains, and a tropical rain forest, but it is also rich in Taino Indian culture and a Colonial history.

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The School

Spanish classes in Puerto Rico!

The school occupies a two story building, which is shared with a technology school. There are seven well-lit, air conditioned classrooms and a computer lab with 10 computers for student use. All computers have internet access and a WiFi connection can be utilized while on campus during normal business hours.

There is also a lunchroom with kitchenette and vending machines where students can prepare, store, and enjoy meals with their teachers and classmates.

The school is surrounded by dining options for those who do not wish to bring their own lunches. Normal operating hours are: Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Spanish Por Favor!

On Monday, the first day of class, students will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate language level. In addition, students will also take part in a 30-40 minute orientation, in which they will discuss policies and procedures, class schedules, and weekly excursions and activities.

They will also provide maps, and general information (safety, cultural nuances, transportation, etc) about what to expect while participating in their Spanish Immersion Program in Puerto Rico.

The school also teaches English to native Puerto Ricans so there will be plenty of opportunities to interact and socialize with this demographic of learners. According to the school's director, "We are here to help learners identify and achieve their personal and professional goals and develop the skills and confidence required for their success. With our solid, functional, student-centered curriculum, innovative techniques, and a variety of resources, we guarantee satisfaction and measurable achievements with immediate practical application towards the learner's goals".

Those interested in studying and learning Spanish in Puerto Rico, you are sure to improve your Spanish language skills and learn quite a lot about the Puerto Rican culture.

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Spanish Por Favor!

The school offers WiFi Internet access anywhere on the premises. In addition to WiFi, there is a computer room with ten computers on the second floor offering high-speed Internet access.

Students who wish to bring their laptop computers on their immersion program can do so and utilize the school’s connection. There is no cost for this service nor for printing documents.

Free WiFi!

The computer room is also used by teachers and students for practice activities. A typical activity could involve searching Spanish Websites for information necessary to complete a specific task.

In Bayamón and San Juan, students will not have a problem finding Internet cafes. One can expect to pay ~ $1.00 per hour at a local Internet cafe.

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Cultural and Social Learning Activities

Travel to Puerto Rico and study Spanish!

Our ASLS in Bayamón, Puerto Rico has an incredibly diverse array of offerings of social and cultural programs for all students. Depending on the time of year and number of students, they offer, for free, a Puerto Rican cooking class.  Que rica comida!

At all levels, students need the opportunity to use what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the real world. With this in mind, the school organizes weekly “theme” activities. These activities take place outside of the classroom on Wednesdays.

For example, students who are studying about the marketplace, during "theme" activity, will actually go to the market to discuss what they see, learn new vocabulary related the the market, and complete specific tasks in Spanish.  This is immersion education at its best!

Study Spanish in Puerto Rico!

Another example, during the “restaurant week” students will end the unit by going to a local cafeteria or restaurant to place orders, talk to servers, learn new vocabulary and practice speaking Spanish in the environment.  These activities also break up the four hour time blocks for students, while still allowing for a substantive and functional learning experience.

A few additional weekly class themes are: work & leisure activities, around town & going shopping, art, music & literature, customs & traditions, and health & ecology.

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Course Summary

Classroom at our ASLS in Puerto Rico!

To be selected as an ASLS, the school must offer classes that primarily focus on developing the students' communicative skills. Maximum enrollment for group classes is 6 students, with the average number of 3 students per group. Combination programs of group and private lessons are also available.

There are five language levels: Beginner, Introductory, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students will learn Puerto Rican/Latin American Spanish.

Classes start on every Monday of the year, except holidays. The minimum age to enroll is twelve years-old.

Students younger than sixteen, must enroll as a group with at least one chaperone. Students can enroll for as many weeks as they like.

In group courses, students will study four hours a day, Monday-Friday. Classes start at 10:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. with a fifteen minute break after two hours. If a student ends up being the only one at their language level, the class time will be three hours instead of four, but no additional cost will be incurred.


Each Friday, students will be tested and evaluated by their professors. The maximum enrollment for group courses is six students, however the average is three students. Private lessons, combinations of group and private classes, and full day programs (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) are also possible.

A variety of textbooks are used for each language level. Handout packets for each level are also provided as supplemental material to take home after finishing the course.

Textbooks can be leased (with a credit card number as collateral if student wishes to take the book off of school premises) or purchased and there is no extra charge for the class handouts.

Group : 20-hours / week
Super-Intensive: 40-hours / week

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Spanish Por Favor in Puerto Rico!

All of the teachers at our ASLS hold university and/or Master’s degrees and they have successfully completed a rigorous training course that prepares them to teach Spanish to foreigners.

As part of ongoing teacher development, the teachers participate in one-on-one training sessions as well as monthly development seminars. Teachers must complete a series of ten three hour seminars in order to receive their professional development certificate from the school.

Using a variety of creative teaching techniques and resources, instructors adapt the classroom activities to cater to all learning styles, facilitating a stimulating and motivating environment.

Spanish in Puerto Rico!

From day one, students will receive Spanish classes with clear and concise objectives. As you learn more and move forward, you will set and meet certain established goals. You will see your progression and will be able to measure it.

The teachers use a variety of interactive methods and media to teach Spanish in fun and exciting ways. The staff are professionals at making the classroom environment conducive to learning. Each student in treated as a unique being and the teachers understand that each student learns in a different way.

You can rest assured that you will receive motivated, professional, and experienced teachers at all of our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. This is top priority!

Think Abroad only selects the best language schools that employ creative and qualified teachers.

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The students who wrote testimonials have agreed to share their experiences with anyone who is interested. However, their email addresses will only be shared upon written request.

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Additional Information

Surf in Puerto Rico!

All students receive a 30-40 minute orientation when they arrive at the school to discuss all pertinent facts about their Spanish immersion program. After this, students will take a written and verbal examination to identify their appropriate language level.

This test usually takes forty minutes to complete. After establishing your appropriate language level, you will be placed in the appropriate class. Students can pay their remaining balance on the first day of lass with cash or credit card.

After you have completed your Spanish immersion experience, the school requires that you critique your teachers, homestay family and overall classroom experience. 

- Average age of students: 23-27 years old

- Airport pick up and drop off optional: pick up: $60 and drop off is $40

- College credit is an option as long as student provides the ASLS in Bayamón, Puerto Rico with all the appropriate documentation from their university.

Old San Juan!

The majority of the school's students are young, professional people who need Spanish to develop their careers. However, a large proportion of students are still full-time students (high school, college, graduate) in their own countries and an increasing number of people are simply learning Spanish as a hobby.

After you have completed your Spanish immersion experience in Puerto Rico, you will be asked to fill out a Spanish Por Favor satisfaction questionnaire to critique your teachers, homestay family and overall classroom experience.

Please seriously consider enrolling in  our Spanish immersion program in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The school, programs and services are excellent and you are sure to have the time of your life!

Spanish immersion education and Spanish Por Favor are the smartest way to learn Spanish!

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Puerto rico - price points 2014

Please contact us for additional information about this program
as it has moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Prior to departure, students must pay a $99 enrollment fee and deposit to reserve a seat. All homestay accommodations (to live with a native family) start on Sundays and end on Saturdays. The airport pickup service is optional, but highly recommended. Price points are quoted in US Dollars.

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