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No matter your age or your background, you have an opportunity to study and learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, one of the top travel destinations in the world. Think Abroad has the perfect Spanish immersion program for you! Anyone can study and learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Think Abroad!

This is one of the many Spanish immersion programs offered by the Spanish division of Think Abroad, Spanish Por Favor. San Miguel de Allende is a Unesco World Heritage Site, a Colonial gem of brightly colored houses, carved doors and cobblestone streets with a temperate climate year round. Students who would like to learn and study Spanish in San Miguel or at any other Affiliate Spanish Language Schools (ASLS) in Mexico should contact us to learn more about these Spanish language programs.

It is our policy to personally visit and evaluate each of our ASLS , so you can be confident in the school you choose. In addition to a comprehensive tour of all facilities and in-depth interviews of faculty and staff, we actually take the courses offered to ensure that they meet our standards. We also perform a formal review and evaluation of homestay facilities, and participate in the extracurricular activities offered. You can relax, because we’ve done the research for you—in person and on site!

*Please contact us with any questions.

Our Affiliate Spanish Language School in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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School History

Study and learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!
Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Think Abroad's partner Spanish language school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was founded in 1996 by the current director. To be selected as a Think Abroad Affiliate Spanish Language School (ASLS), every school must offer classes that primarily focus on developing the communicative skills needed in order to achieve the specific goals of competency and aptitude in the foreign language. Our school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is no exception. The school's director felt other schools in the area failed to adequately address the basics of conversational Spanish and she wanted to create an environment/school that could fill this void. Additionally, the director’s goal was to offer a highly professional educational service and, at the same time, a friendly, relaxed and personalized environment for students interested in learning Spanish and about the Mexican culture.

During the school's start-up phase, the director recruited excellent teachers, created the textbooks and curriculum, and found the perfect location. Today, our ASLS in San Miquel de Allende is known as being the best choice in a private Spanish language school in the region. You will not only study and learn Spanish, you will live it!

Spanish School in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The school’s mission is to improve communication between cultures and the primary goal of the curriculum is to improve the conversational Spanish skills of the school’s students. Students begin speaking Spanish from the very first day. The Director states, "The goal of the Spanish classes at our school is to enable students to communicate effectively and with confidence. Emphasis is placed on verbal interaction in the classroom and class placement is based more on verbal fluency than on academic knowledge."

Students from around the world (USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Israel, Italy and others) have studied here and many return again and again to continue improving their Spanish skills. People from a variety of backgrounds, including health and business professionals, social workers, and teachers study here.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The goal of every Think Abroad immersion program is to present as many opportunities as possible for students to be speaking and engaging in the language of the host country in which they are living.  With the accompaniment of formal lessons, led by accomplished and experienced instructors, students are guaranteed a well-rounded and detailed methodology toward their learning Spanish, even if he or she is a true beginner.

The top 3 continents represented at the school:

1. North American
2. Asia
3. Europe

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the School: Location and climate

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Think Abroad’s Affiliate School in San Miguel de Allende was opened 14 years ago in 1996 and the primary teaching methodology is the communicative approach to conversational Spanish. San Miguel is located in a mountainous region Northwest of Mexico City, in the state of Guanajuato. Because it is so beautiful and culturally rich, wealthy residents of Mexico City and the United States have established homes and retirement communities here. The city is brightly painted, clean, and safe, with cafes and restaurants, shops, galleries and museums, internet cafes, parks, and botanical gardens all within walking distance of the school. There are many Spanish schools in San Miguel de Allende; however, after serious vetting and researching other schools here, this private Spanish school has the best reputation and we believe will serve all of our clients’ needs quite effectively.

Today San Miquel de Allende is a thriving community of artists in all media. The night life in San Miguel - most of it concentrated in the town center - and is vibrant. Where to Shop? In San Miguel, the question is where to stop shopping!

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Next to the Jardin, or Municipal Plaza, stands the symbol of San Miguel, the Iglesia Parroquia. It is the parish church of San Miguel, one of 26 in the area, and it is renowned for its rose-colored, masterfully carved façade. Adjacent to it is the Allende Museum, a beautifully constructed house museum, which was the site of the inception of the Mexican Revolution. It is a featured stop on Ruta 2010, the bicentennial anniversary of the Mexican Independence Movement, which began in San Miguel and the nearby cities and pueblos of Guanajuato, Delores Hidalgo, and Atotonilco.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The School is located on a “calle” a few blocks North of the city center. The broad wooden doors open to reveal the ground floor of an urban townhouse complex. You enter through a lobby equipped with a reception hall and desk and there is a traditional Mexican kitchen to the right. Beyond this, is the patio with a table and chairs where classes often meet and coffee and tea are served during breaks. To the left is a series of four classrooms decorated with murals and bright posters and classroom seats. The classrooms overlook a beautifully landscaped family compound. Students are sure to learn "mucho Espanol" in this ideal environment.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The region is famous for nice weather and a temperate climate typical of the mountains in Central Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, at 6400 feet, typically has sunny days and cooler evenings.

The cooler part of the year is from mid December through April, and the rainy season lasts from June through September, with late afternoon and evening showers. Temperatures can fluctuate 40 degrees in a day. When the sun goes down the temperature drops, so it’s important to dress in layers to stay warm.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

A series of artist colonies were founded in San Miguel de Allende in the 1950s, including the famous Instituto Allende. Many G.I.s moved their families here following World War II either to attend one of these colonies or to escape the Polio scares raging through many U.S. cities.

Today, there is a healthy American expatriate population in San Miguel de Allende. They are mostly elderly retirees and second-generation business owners. This population, combined with the Mexican wealthy (especially actors and politicians) that have rediscovered San Miguel as a Malibu-like retreat from Mexico City. The mixture of people has created an eclectic combination of Old World Mexican charm, American hospitality, and a party atmosphere that makes San Miguel de Allende a world-class destination for adventurous travelers and those that want to study and learn Spanish in Mexico.

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Neither the school nor the homestay families offer Internet access. However, you will find 7 Internet cafes on the same block as the school where you can go online with ease. The average price per hour is $1. There is also a Starbucks Cafe with WiFi and comfortable chairs within 5-minutes from the school.

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Cultural and Social Learning Activities

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Think Abroad and our Affiliate School in San Miguel encourage all students to participate in as many activities as possible, as you will find they greatly enhance your understanding of, and connection to, the culture.

The school also offers optional trips to sites in the area, including ranches with horseback riding, and guided walking tours to surrounding cities. Some of these tours include visits to museums, prominent churches in and around the area, and artesian shops, just to name a few. We recommend that all students participate in cultural excursion activities as they are excellent ways to improve your Spanish language skills, get to know other students, and to learn and see cultural sites different from those in your home country.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Art classes and galleries are everywhere. San Miguel de Allende is famous for art institutions including two internationally renowned art schools: The Instituto de Arte with exhibits and monthly art fairs and Bellas Arts, an exhibit space with a formal garden housed in a former convent. The Biblioteca, or Library, is a wellspring of activities with its bookstore, café, theatre for movies and plays, and weekly house-walks.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The Library also houses the offices for Attencion, a Spanish/English paper with a weekly calendar of local events. Just a block and a half from the school, the indoor town market stretches for blocks and features the art work of local artisans.

Festivals and fiestas are held almost weekly in the Jardin as well as in Juarez Park and one local guide features ten walking tours from the Jardin. The Audubon society is active here, and organizes ecological tours, and a botanical garden is located on the outskirts of town. At all Think Abroad partner schools, students are encouraged to only speak the target language that they are studying, so every day is an opportunity to finely tune their understanding and knowledge of Spanish. Through social outings and cultural heritage trips, students will constantly be using and refining their skills through conversation and continued interaction with fellow students, staff, and local residents. As a result, Think Abroad students attain a heightened confidence and comfort level with the language they are seeking to take hold of and master.

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Teachers and Course Summary

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The team of highly qualified professors has an average of twenty years experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. The school employs three full-time professors, all are graduates of accredited schools and certified in teaching Spanish as a second language. A fourth part-time professor is a Mexican historian, who teaches history, culture, and tradition on guided tours. Think Abroad only partners with Spanish schools that employ highly experienced, qualified and skilled foreign language instructors and our Affiliate School in San Miguel is no exception.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

The school provides an annual training session for the teachers where they assess the program, textbooks, curriculum and implement suggestions and improvements. All of the professors are personable, articulate, inspiring and innovative and each and every one of them loves their job.

Classes are held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, with a break at 11:00 AM. The school's cultural activities are scheduled for the afternoons and weekends.

Classes are held in the classrooms, on the patio, in the kitchen and on the streets of San Miguel for an optimal immersion experience. You are not just learning Spanish, but truly living it!

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Each one-month term includes 80 hours of intensive Spanish (20 hours per week) in a classroom. Each group class has a maximum of ten students, but the average size is 4-6 students. Additionally, each student can expect to receive around 24 hours of seminars, working groups, and guided tours of San Miguel per month. Get ready to study and learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende by living it!

Students are individually tested on the first day of classes through an interview/question and answer session. After this, the student is assigned to one of three levels for group classes:

1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced.

If the student is, for some reason, not assigned to the correct class, the school will make modifications to ensure the class fits the specific needs of each student.

The school has designed a practical and dynamic method to teach Spanish as a second language. With that said, they created the textbooks and curriculum by hand. The cost of the textbooks is included in the the cost of tuition.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

Each class day is structured into 3 group sessions taught in a didactic method using fundamental vocabulary, intuitive learning of grammar skills, guided conversations with an emphasis on personalized and creative use of the language, pronunciation, and written/oral exercises.

The school also offers private Medical Spanish classes to health professionals who want to learn specific medical vocabulary and ways to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients. Also, the school offers private, one-on-one classes for those who want additional, individualized attention and talk-time. The school plans and organizes weekly walking tours with a professor of Mexican History specializing in San Miguel, weekly music classes, and weekly cooking classes all with the aim of improving the learning experience for students. Events and tours are announced by sign-up sheets in the school lobby.

Cultural Activities Offered at the School
Monday Walking Tours in and around San Miguel
Tuesday Optional Guided Tours to Atotonilco and Dolores Hildalgo
Wednesday Music of Mexico Class
Thursday Optional Guided Tours to Atotonilco and Dolores Hildalgo
Friday Mexican Favorites Cooking Class
Saturday Optional Guided Tour to Guanajuato

Each class is usually attended by 5 or 6 students. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring months the average age of the student is above 40, but in the Summer younger students and teachers who would like to improve their Spanish often enroll.

The school will accept students as young as 13 if they are supervised by an adult and serious about learning Spanish.


The main goal of the courses is to develop our students' communicative skills in Spanish. Our AFLS has many years of experience teaching foreigners Spanish and the teachers provide all students with plenty of opportunities to practice speaking the language. The school reports that, "We don't just want you to know Spanish, we want you to be able to use it!"

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

In class, the emphasis is on the development of speaking and listening skills, but this does not mean that other key areas are not addressed as well. Students also work on reading and writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary.

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of attendance indicating the level achieved and the number of hours studied. All materials are included in the price of the course.

You can rest assured that you will receive motivated, professional, and experienced teachers at all of Think Abroad’s Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. This is top priority!

Think Abroad only selects the best language schools that employ creative, qualified, and experienced teachers.

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Additional Information about the school

Study and Learn Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

- The school recommends clean and comfortable homestays with selected middle to upper class Mexican families, and can also recommend apartments and hotels. They can arrange airport pickup, and provide personal assistance in case of emergency.

- Health insurance must be provided by the student’s home country, the school does not provide this service.

- Students’ average stay is about 4 weeks.

- Although flights are often more expensive, Think Abroad recommends flying into the Leon International airport, as it is closer than the Mexico City one.

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Study and Learn Spanish in San miguel de allende, Mexico
price points 2014

Prior to departure, students must pay a $99 enrollment fee and deposit to reserve a seat. All homestay accommodations (to live with a native family) start on Sundays and end on Saturdays. The airport pickup service is optional, but highly recommended. Price points are quoted in US Dollars.

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