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Welcome to the Web site of Spanish Por Favor (SPF), the Spanish division of Think Abroad. I am the president, Peter B. Sims, here to assist you in finding the perfect language immersion program in Latin America or Spain. Immersion education is by far, the smartest way to learn a language!

I believe that anyone can learn a foreign language and that no one is too old. I envision a world that exists where people are not limited or restricted by verbal communication. We will all be multilingual, communicating with words, but all the while speaking from our hearts. This is what I envision and why I started the company. 

SPF, the Spanish division of Think Abroad, has been sending people abroad on language and cultural immersion programs since 2004.  Unlike our competition, we visit, evaluate and select the very best Spanish language schools in Latin America and Spain. It is our policy to personally visit and evaluate each school we represent. These schools are called our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools (ASLS). We do all the work for you. All you have to do is buy your plane ticket.

Spanish Por Favor is currently offering Spanish and cultural immersion education in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico and Spain. In 2008 we will have more programs. If you want to vote for our next location please go here.

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All SPF staff are experienced travelers, multilingual and have gone through immersion education first hand. We believe that understanding your unique needs, budget, preferences, and goals will allow us to customize a Spanish immersions experience that is right for you.

With that said, we belive that we will be able to meet and even surpass your expectations. Let us create a customized langauge immersion experience for you. Don't wait. Spanish Por Favor and immersion education is by far the smartest way to learn Spanish!

I hope that you will take a few moments to look at our Website. Among other things, you will find program and course descriptions, answers to commonly asked questions, photos, testimonials, country-specific cultural immersion activities, prices, user-friendly enrollment forms to apply on-line and much, much, more.

Thanks for visiting our Web site and I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or comments please contact me directly. Thank you for choosing Spanish Por Favor.

Live well,

Peter B. Sims
Think Abroad/Spanish Por Favor

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