The flag of Paraguay

President: Nicanor DUARTE Frutos (since 15 August 2003).

Government System: Constitutional Republic

Capital City: Asuncion

Population: 6,347,884 (July 2005 est.)

Climate: Subtropical to temperate; substantial rainfall in the eastern portions, becoming semiarid in the far west.

Internet Users: 120,000 (2003)

Telephone Users (mobile/cellular): 1,770,300 (2003)

Literacy (total population): Total population: 94%

Life Expectancy at Birth: Total population: 74.89 years

Natural Resources: Hydropower, timber, iron ore, manganese, limestone.

Industries: Sugar, cement, textiles, beverages, wood products, steel, metallurgic, electric power.

Agricultural Products: Cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, wheat, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), fruits, vegetables; beef, pork, eggs, milk; timber.

Export Partners: Uruguay 27.8%, Brazil 19.2%, Argentina 6.3%, Switzerland 4.1% (2004).

Import Partners: Brazil 30.9%, Argentina 23.3%, China 16.6%, US 4% (2004).

Currency: Guarani (PYG)

Flag Description: Three equal, horizontal bands of red (top), white, and blue with an emblem centered in the white band; unusual flag in that the emblem is different on each side; the obverse (hoist side at the left) bears the national coat of arms (a yellow five-pointed star within a green wreath capped by the words REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY, all within two circles); the reverse (hoist side at the right) bears the seal of the treasury (a yellow lion below a red Cap of Liberty and the words Paz y Justicia (Peace and Justice) capped by the words REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY, all within two circles).

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