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the smartest way to learn spanish!

Spanish Por Favor (SPF) was founded in 2004 and is the Spanish division of Think Abroad, LLC. Go with Spanish Por Favor, it is the smartest way to learn Spanish!

As a leader in facilitating international education, we specialize in sending students of all ages and backgrounds to prestigious Spanish language schools in Latin America & Spain to learn Spanish and to experience the culture.

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Our mission is to facilitate international education, multilingualism, and intercultural exchange.  We aim to promote personal growth, intercultural sensitivity and marketability for future endeavors.

To that end, highly qualified and experienced Spanish teachers staff  our community of carefully selected Affiliate Spanish Language Schools (ASLS).  We routinely visit each ASLS to ensure the maintenance of our standard of excellence and to guarantee the highest levels of service and value for your money.

what we provide

• Provide each client with well established and highly regarded Affiliate Spanish Language Schools, that are located in safe and centralized cities in Latin America and Spain. We vist, evaluate and take classes at each Affiliate Spanish Language School we represent.

• Provide each client with professional and qualified teachers at our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools who are native Spanish speakers and have experience teaching Spanish as a second language. We make sure that all of these Spanish teachers are committed to increasing the language proficiency of their students in a responsible and efficient manner.

• Provide each client with high standards of facilities atour Affiliate Spanish Language Schools and a safe and comfortable homestay setting, which will include a single bedroom, two meals a day (optional), and will be no more than 60 minutes away from the school.

• Provide each client with a comprehensive pre-departure consultation.

• Provide each client with affordable Spanish immersion experiences to maintain affordable program design.

• Provide each client with "no mark-up pricing" to maintain affordable program design.

• Provide each client with opportunities for debriefing, reflection, and reintegration upon returning home.

• Offer each client with airport arrival pickup and return service if desired (fees may apply).

• Provide each client with social and cultural enrichment activities to ensure that students experience the authentic culture of the host country.

• Provide each client with resources and learning tools to assist them in learning the Spanish language.

• Provide each client with reliable information about each Affiliate Spanish Language School, past student experiences and testimonials, and more.

the smartest way to learn spanish!

We look forward to working with you to find a perfect Spanish immersion program in Latin American or Spain. Spanish Por Favor, the smartest way to learn Spanish!

Thank you for choosing Spanish Por Favor as your Spanish immersion education provider!

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